No more bblite and social pack subscription for now, as we can now enjoy another free browsing with zero kobo on our simple server and psiphon. This is what am using right now and is blazing like mad.

How to configure your psiphon vpn with MTN zero kobo free browsing

Grab your MTN sim and Send Apps to 131  as txt message 

Mobile settings
Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
ip address:
Port: 8080
Click HERE to Download and Install Psiphon Handler
Now open ur psiphon handler
Proxy type:select real host
Proxy server:nextapps.mtnonline.com
Real proxy server:nextapps.mtnonline.com
click save.

Go to option and select region and select any server you wish
Tick tunnel whole device.
Enter more option and also tick “connect through http”
still on more option tick “use the following setting”
Host adress: port:8080
close and connect
Click HERE for more details on MTN Unlimited with Psiphon

How to configure your Simple server vpn with MTN zero kobo free browsing

Mobile settings
Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
ip address:
Port: 8080
Download the Android simple server HERE
Now open your simple server and set it as
proxy host:
injection query/url: http://nextapps.mtnonline.com
injection host: nextapps.mtnonline.com
injection line : press enter key four time
log level: debug
open and minimize your simple server and connect,you can use auto proxy to make all aplication work.
 Note: It only works on mobile devices

Click HERE for more details on MTN Unlimited with Simple server

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  1. Does this work without data subscription?

  2. Sir, thank you for your tips. I am currently using Psiphon with mtn bis week. But i wanna try this. But i wish to stop using Psiphon bcause they always throttle the internet and limit usage. I even confirmed this from a forum i read. The user said that the psiphon supporters told them its not for unlimited, just for uncensored. I think open vpn would be better. I dont knw about simpleserver. But i'll try this one when bis week is finished.

    1. This one is no longer working, but you can enjoy etisalat unlimited browsing with psiphon, simple server and openvpn connect

  3. Your post always cinfuse me. Make it straight to d point


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