We have four (4) VPN softwares working with Etisalat social pack unlimited browsing,Psiphon vpn, OpenVPN, Simple Server and JWP. Today another VPN software join the race and is a user friendly software.For those that don't like too much configuration this is the best option for them.

Tweakware app is available on Pc and mobile devices. The mobile version seems to be Unlimited unlike the PC version which is demo and you need to upgrade your account to premium account to enjoy full access, You don't need to put any host address or IP proxy on tweaking so let’s get started on how to use it with etisalat social pack or mtn bis.

To Subscribe for Etisalat Social pack dial *200*3*3*2*1*1#

How To use Etisalat social pack with Tweakware on android devices

For Mobile Settings use
Use your Etisalat default mobile internet settings
Make sure your APN is etisalat

Or use

Apn: Etisalat
Port: 8080

On Tweakware app

Click HERE to download and install Tweakware on your android device.

Now launch the tweakware and click option and settings.

Then click on Bundled Settings

Mark Use Bundled Setting

Click on Select Bundled Setting and choose ETI CHAT PACK

Now go back to your tweakware app home and click connect and wait for the tweakware to show connected.

Then minimize and enjoy your unlimited browsing with tweakware app.

Note: If your Tweakware is not showing connected, when you click connect it always stay at Authentication successful click HERE for a solution

Click HERE to downlaod ufarblog android app for better browsing

  1. Pls I try connect it wit d mtn bis but z not workin

  2. I connect with the mobile setting it not working, so I use the default mobile setting then whole device working .etisalat

  3. I Tried it but it showing me proxy connection failed

  4. when it connect it show me this "invalid account or account has expired. please register and or upgrade your account to continue usin tweakware" pls help me.

    1. No more free account for now, you have to buy premium account for tweakware

  5. I Tried it but it showing me proxy connection failed

    1. tweakware is not stable for free users

  6. Premium works good for eti social pak but the mtn 2go mb & music plus is really shitty

  7. Is the unlimited browsing stil working.? And do i hav to sub for eti pack for it to work?.

  8. how do i migrate to premium tweakware


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