Http injector is still alive and is the fastest VPN compare to others, today i create a new account for my personal Etisalat config file with the fast proxy server and port, i am now enjoying the speed of Injector more than before.

HTTP INJECTOR work perfectly with MTN bblite and Etisalat social pak, if you are new to Http injector follow the links below to start rocking with HI now.

1. Click HERE to learn how to create account for Http Injector and download it

2. Click HERE to learn how to create your personal config file for Http Injector

3. If you have problem with Http Injector click HERE to fix it.

4. Visit our proxy server page to get the fastest proxy for your personal config file

Enjoy Http Injector
  1. Which Etisalat chat pack that I can bypass speed throttling?

  2. Thanks for ur effort, mr ufar. Kindly add me to ir whatsapp contact on dis number 0816 997 3411

  3. its going fast for eti smartpak...u pple shud try it awt

  4. keeps saying Problem in SSH connections thread during connecting -There was a problem while connecting to de.serverip.co:443

  5. working flowlesly thanks bro for all ur help pls add me to ur whatsap group with dis number 08179941055

  6. Pls add me to what app have important to discus 070 39801051

  7. Replies
    1. is working follow the steps carefully


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