MTN Music plus is now blazing like mad with New simple android server v3.7 very fast with full speed, today i installed the latest version and configure it with my MTN Music plus data and now am enjoy the speed of this new version and compare to other vpn now.

Now follow the steps below to configure your Simple Android Server now with MTN music plus data and enjoy the speed.

Mobile Settings:
APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Port: 8080
Leave Proxy and Port blank

Click HERE to download the latest version of Simple Android Server v3.7

Then Open it and click on Connection Settings


Proxy Host:

Proxy Port: 8080

Injection Host: musicplus.mtnonline.com/touch/index.html#index-page

Now go back to home and click on Local Server Settings


Log Level select DEBUG

That's all 
Go back and hit start server and enjoy the speed

Click HERE if you are NEW to MTN Music Plus
  1. i used 8080 it was nt connecting...then leta i changes my apn to normal one..withbout port nd proxy then its connects.

  2. The simple server force closes. Thank you.

  3. plѕ waт aвт d ιnjecтιon lιne

  4. It cannot power google play store

  5. did you use vpn or local host

  6. Pls admin I can no longer subscribe to mtn music plus, when I sub the response that will send back was you have already subscribe and if u check d data it will be 0.00 pls any solution


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