MTN BB10 sub are still active and working perfectly, just ignore any rumor from people saying that MTN has stopped BB10 subscription, which is not true. As of yesterday is just some issues from the network providers and they are done now.

Below are the current active MTN BB10 Plan with their activation code, so that you can select the one you wish to subscribe for and keep on rocking on your device.

Note: For those that use our vpn's app the data cap is 5gb above, so don't worry about the little MB inside the table below.

Name of BlackBerry Plan Duration Maximum Data Access Code Price
MTN BB10 Maxi - Month 30 days 1.5GB *216*5*3# 3000 Naira
MTN BB10 Maxi - Week 7 days 350MB *216*5*2# 1100 Naira
MTN BB10 Maxi - Daily 24 hours 50MB *216*5*1# 200 Naira
MTN BB10 Midi - Month 30 days 500MB *216*4*3# 1500 Naira
MTN BB10 Midi - Week 7 days 125MB *216*4*2# 550 Naira
MTN BB10 Midi - Daily 24 hours 15MB *216*4*1# 100 Naira
MTN BB10 Lite - Month 30 days 260MB *216*3*3# 1000 Naira
MTN BB10 Lite - Week 7 days 70MB *216*3*2# 350 Naira
MTN BB10 Lite - Daily 24 hours 10MB *216*3*1# 70 Naira
  1. i thought BB10 daily is 5G cap, what is this am seeing?

    1. Yes is still 5gb, don't worry above the mb's

  2. Farouk....Those Code's Haven't Been Working For some Days Now.....Help Out.

  3. pls it is saying hi ur bbplan is failed

  4. Use *216#....select d plan u want


  5. Please I need psiphon settings for bblitem.... I subscribe buh phisphon is not connecting

  6. Bblited is not working ( shows failed)

  7. what if im not using a blackberry phone?


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