Yesterday i upgrade infinix hot note X551 to android lollipop 5.1, After successful upgrading i reboot the device and i notice invalid imei which mean the phone miss it imei number and it will not work properly with networks providers.

As we all knows imei is an identity to any device, so without imei your device can not be recognize or detected by any of the network service providers, and due to that you can no longer make calls, access internet service and any thing that required network. But you can only access network via WIFI.

The only way out to this issue is to fixed the invalid imei by replacing it with a valid imei. A lot of people says you have to root the device before you can able to fixed the imei which is not true because  i fixed the invalid within a minute without rooting my device.

How To Fixed Invalid Imei For Infinix Hot Note X551

1.Click HERE to download and Installed Mtk Engineering Mod on your device.

2.Open/Lunch the MTK Engineering Mode on your phone.

3.Click/Select MTK Settings.

4.Navigate left to Connectivity

5.On the connectivity panel, select CDS Information.

6.On the CDS section, select Radio Information.

7.Now, select either the Phone1 or Phone2, to proceed  to replacing of missing IMEI.

8.On this page, click on the AT+. About four (4) options should be presented to you, just choose either of this options below:
Note: Make sure you give one space between AT and Plus (+)

Now type your imei as shown below with the same format

AT+ EGMR=1,7,"" for Phone 1
AT+ EGMR=1,10,"" for Phone 2

9. Now, tap/click the Send AT Command option

 Then reboot your phone and dial *#06# to check your IMEI number

I thanks Ajayi (femtopblog how his assist)
  1. thanl you very much

  2. thx very much ;(

  3. Hello, thanks for the post. However, it didn't work for me as I do not know my IMEI numbers at all and I just reset my phone. How do I go about it? My email is alabadpop@gmail.com. thanks

  4. I've never been so thankful. May God bless you with long life.

  5. Thanks for this post . I did everything but it seems not to work for me. May be I should use single '' or "" "" before and after the imei
    Secondly to reboot the phone should I simply start it or press the volume up and power button to reboot. Thanks

  6. Please mine is the 2 imei is invalid and if I try 2 snd the comand it wuld say error

  7. my phone is infinix hot 2 x501 dont know if it would work with it cos my phone is showing the same imei number

  8. Thanks so much it work for me 100 percent .....kudos to u

  9. please mine is infinix hot x554. how do I go about my invalid imei for both sim. my mail is tomkihpt0@gmail.com.

  10. working, nice share bro. thx u so much

  11. nice share, thanks u so much bro😁

  12. Alhamdulillah. Thank u so much for this post, it helps a lot.

    1. I got lost on step 8 clicking on AT+ how do I click on text and it doesnt shoe any 4 options...please help me through this..this is my number 08035587453

  13. please mine is infinix hot x551. how do I go about my invalid imei for both sim. my mail is lwrncsamson@gmail.com
    please help me nd God wil help.

  14. Hey, all I'm getting is either AT command failed to send or this command is not allowed in user build. What does that mean? I've followed your steps to the core and I'm getting nothing. Help please. Urgent

  15. Pls.. Imei changed but now writes no service

  16. Hey hae I don't know my imei numbers plus fomart could you please send it to my email..my email is lamclarry@gmail.com

  17. after formatting the phone showing invalid again what i do ??
    my email ramez_elcoach@yahoo.com

  18. Hello please it didn't work for me. Can you help me personally?

  19. thanks very much

    it worked for me

  20. Is not working on my phone it keep saying this command is not allowed in userbuild

  21. IMEI is writen on the box,or the baterai, you can get your imei back,it doesnt mean you will get the mobile network, it will only the imei appear, not for normal mobile network that you need to make an call or internet etc. so this is unusefull, the problem is not imei, its no service providers that can read your simcard, its need to flash for anyone who get their imei back but not for the mobile network.


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