It happens again, You can now enjoy Glo 0.0kobo unlimited free browsing with the latest version of tweakware vpn V3.2, no need to worry about any configuration. All you need to do is to download the latest version of tweakware vpn and start rocking unlimited free browsing. 

How To Use Glo 0.0kobo Unlimited Free Browsing With Tweakware V3.2

=>Set your mobile APN as Glosecure or Gloflat

=> Click any of the links below to download and install the latest Tweakware vpn V3.2 on your device

Link 1

Link 2

=> Open the tweakware vpn V3.2 and navigate to settings to select Glo 0.0kobo bundle

=> Then go back to tweakware vpn V3.2 home and click connect to enjoy unlimited glo free browsing
  1. Thanks man. Working like seriously for me.

    Commenting from Entclass.com

  2. What of the APN,proxy and port

  3. Not working for me though...don't know if it's because of the fractions remaining in ma acct balance..please would love to be in ufar's WhatsApp group 08182635870

  4. I already have a subscription that ididnt use up. Can it still work even with the subs. Without reducing the data already subscribed?

  5. please add to ur whatsapp group @ 08181564507

  6. Please it doesn't work on mine keeps saying invalid or expired account how do I resolve it?

  7. WOW Tnx... please add me into ufar's whatsapp group 08108355472

    1. My tweakware z no more connectin, it keep telling me #waiting for http connection....
      Wah can i do?

    2. Pls add my number to ufarblog WhatsApp group 08142509207

  8. Pls add me on whats app.08063310107


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