Are you a Nigerain looking for best PayPal alternative where you can received and send money online without any limitation and at a low fee transaction? Do you have Payoneer funds and you want to turn them into Paper USD and save them into your domiciliary account? Do you want to withdraw your online earning to your local bank or credit your Visa? Skrill can handle everything for you. And we are very lucky that skrill is operating fully in Nigeria without any limitation.

Skrill, formerly MoneyBookers, is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

Skrill began as the Moneybookers electronic wallet in 2001. When the company expanded and modernised its business, the name of the electronic wallet was changed to Skrill, which is a slang term for money. Despite the change in name it is still listed as Moneybookers in a few online casinos. After going through some ownership changes, Skrill was acquired late in 2015 by Paysafe, the company that also owns the rival electronic wallet NETELLER. As of now both electronic wallets retain their individual identities and compete in the same online gaming market. Skrill is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. It operates in over 200 countries including Nigeria. 

Skrill has been at the forefront of payment technology since becoming the UK’s first authorised e-money issuer in 2001. The Skrill Group, which includes Skrill, Paysafecard, Payolution and Ukash, now operates in nearly 200 countries. Every year it processes over 150 million online transactions with a combined value of nearly €13 billion.

Registration and verification on Skrill is simple and you can use your Credit/debit card to upload funds instantly. Kindly click the link below to sign up now.


  1. Thanks for d update, in fact you're very germane in terms of exposing us to d latest on how to make money online.
    Pls wot's is d different between Payoneer MasterCard and Skrill?

    Commenting from sirkaytech.com

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    2. the difference between skrill and payoneer is withdrawing options. on skrill you can withdraw your to visa card or to your local bank and you can also send money to any bank but on payoneer you can only withdraw through ATM - See more at: http://www.ufarblog.com/2016/11/skrill-send-receive-and-withdraw-money.html?showComment=1479631095598#c1261755607086737815

  2. is it normal account or domiciliary account you use for skrill

  3. any but domiciliary account is cheaper in terms of currency conversion

  4. Ufar permit me to post diz on my blog

  5. Thanks Farouk, I'm enjoying skrill services.

    Check this out...www.singlepen.com

  6. Thanks for sharing this, I guess I will have to give this a try...


  7. Ufar is the man while making money dont forget to entertain your self with lovely stories from

  8. is it working for nigerians only or people abroad can receive with it too


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